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if dreamcatcher performs in this set of outfits w all the accessories... that's it, that's the end of me

Yeah no fuck for free?? You gotta pay me for me to pick up this shit

SHRIMAD BHAGAVAD GITA 18:66 Relinquishing all my religious practices in me, you go in the refuge of only that one Complete God. I will release you from all the sins. -Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Watch Shraddha Tv-2:00pm

"Place where i felt real love, warmth, my producers were my family and still are extremely special to me and always will be, they have pampered me like their own" This hit me so deep, the caption have my entire heart. ❤

Seeing Dora now, her episode with Ozo last night got me thinking... . Is it that she doesn’t want Ozo to have another female friend? . Or he can have any other female friend but Nengi . Or he shouldn’t have any other friend but her

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is now becoming the most disliked trailer with having 865k dislikes* Le me too Alia Bhatt:-

For coffee drinkers: Research shows that drinking coffee is a necessary part of a well-balanced me. For mewlions: My research shows that Mew is a necessary part of ME!

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Is it me or is Instagram giving a pandemic-free fantasy with people taking trips literally everywhere I’m—

Replacing "why is this happening to me" with "what is this trying to teach me" is a game changer.

want dikki cancelled again 😒👎 first she forgets my @, then who i am 😭 ppl who want dikki gone, dm me baes ill help u 🤙

Pt. 1 of the POST ENGLISH: Hello everyone! I am an emerging Italian author () . I would like to thank all the artists who have kept me company with their songs during the writing of my books belonging to a…

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