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Downing Street said Dominic Cummings was self- isolating at his London home, they lied, he was at his parents home 250 miles away, he broke lockdown rules, he must resign tonight, no ifs, buts, maybes Cummings has to go, he's a menace, enough is enough


If that science advisor lost his job for staying in his house and having someone visit him twice, Cummings should definitely lose his job.

Yep Cummings has to go, you're quite right.

And the walls are a tumbling down..this government will be gone by Christmas

the thing is did Downing Street lie too?

Lack of DV security clearance of ALL advisors is this toxic Tories' Achilles heel. Unfettered access. No scrutiny. Yet Crosby, Elliott, Cummings etc calling the shots on the UK's future. Are Gove, Sedwill, Johnson, Patel etc complicit in a national security breach?

But the government, a misnomer I know, will collapse without him. Not that you’d really notice mind you.

Hope he gets voted out....oh, hang on

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