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Through centuries of persecution, exile and struggle, the story of Passover has reminded the Jewish people––and all of humanity––of the power to overcome even the greatest of odds. Michelle and I send our warmest wishes to those celebrating with loved ones at home or virtually.


What I wouldn't give to wake up tomorrow morning to find trump a horrible nightmare and Obama is still president and I can trust the leader of the country again! To not check twitter every 2 minutes to see what trump has screwed up since I last looked! To know Obama's got this/us

You remember when you spent taxpayer money to influence the Israeli election against Bibi Netanyahu? Don't act like you are some friend of the Jewish people.

It’s sad that no matter what this man tweets/posts about, there’s always someone being negative or it turns into an Obama versus Trump competition. I mean geez, he was just wishing out a Happy Passover!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

I'll trade this president for a bag of skittles and a Subway coupon...LOL

God put rainbows in the clouds so that each of us, in the dreariest and most dreaded moments, can see a possibility of hope. Maya Angelou

Oh girl I love this picture!!!! I’ve seen it before. It’s my favorite. All it needs is a unicorn🥰🥰🥰

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