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The pro-family policies pursued by Hungary's Viktor Orbán as an alternative to mass immigration are reaping dividends, with births up 9.4%.


Yes...and everyone seems to be having more fun too!

We should do the same here! We wouldn’t need immigrants to do the jobs Americans can do with pride!

And they are anti-Soros! Good for them.

and they didn't have to destroy their culture in the process

Praise God. Time to wakey wakey peeps.

Have you seen the TV in Hungary?

Exactly. This isn't rocket science people.

But wait a minute...I thought only non-whites were allowed to celebrate and advance their culture (aka race), it is like they don't want to be over-run by people who hate them and go extinct. unity = strength. I just hope they don't end up in a totalitarian nightmare.

Bet there will be over 20 Thousands Deaths by Friday.

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