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SHARE PLS: I'm sitting at my desk after another roller coaster day of helping really good people try to help others prepare for the wave in Canada. I'm exhausted. But I feel today that we made real measurable progress in the challenge to defend against the threat.


We started the day on a 7am call organized by with , & listening to what other countries are doing in the fight. We spent the day working with thoughtful leaders at , , & &

We spoke with officials in Ottawa & Toronto who are the unsung heroes who mobilized an amazing all-of-govt approach to defending public health at & We sought invaluable advice from medical leaders at & great CDN med-tech firms.

We spoke with people from every part of this country & economy. People who are offering all kinds of help to everyone they can. The outpouring is like nothing I have ever seen before. It is a crazy time but the good will of friends & strangers makes it almost enjoyable.

Our leaders are personally stepping up at all levels. Today, again, was available when we needed her. My last call just now was with . I told him his leadership with suppliers earlier today was crucial & timely & I thanked him. On to tomorrow. /end

I'm really proud of the efforts our manufacturing community are making, both the sacrifices of voluntary shut-downs to protect staff and those companies that find a way to use their expertise to meet the unusual demands of this situation!👏👏👏

Thank you for this from me personally and

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