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Following the news that Dominic Cummings travelled from London to Durham during lockdown and his behaviour was investigated by the Police, his position is completely untenable - he must resign or be sacked.


This is a key test of leadership for Boris Johnson. People must have confidence that the Tory government is following its own rules - not being investigated by the police for breaking them.

Millions of people will find it completely incredible that Boris Johnson's most senior adviser has been breaking his own government's rules when the rest of us have all made huge sacrifices to obey them.

There was absolutely nothing in the list of reasons under the law for leaving the house that allowed someone to travel the length of the country to stay with their parents, particularly not someone who was known to have the virus.

The Tories vociferously demanded the resignation of Catherine Calderwood that same weekend. As Scottish Tory leader Jackson Carlaw said at the time 'There cannot be one rule for bosses and another for everyone else'.

Boris Johnson must now show Domninic Cummings the door - otherwise people will conclude the Tories were so keen to leave lockdown because they weren't following the rules in the first place.

He's claiming that he went there to use his parents for childcare while he and his wife were infected. This means that he passed his two children, who may well have been infected, on to his parents who should have been isolating because of their age.

in his wifes radio4 interview she said their son gave Dom drinks whilst he was ill in bed so either she lied he didnt give him drinks and was with the grandparents or the grandparents didnt provide the childcare or the child moved from infected parent to grandparents

Time also resigned, just a tory mouthpiece, bbc & reporters like her are worse than north korea state tv, time for licence payers to quit paying bbc, If calderwood & ferguson had to go so should cummings & hancock & also for failing the UK

Let us not forget Jenrick who moved to rarely used second home plus invented bogus reason for visiting parents

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