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I am from canada and ashamed by my prime minister and the entire liberal party agenda. Our media is horrific and many people are oblivious

Rebel news is our fox...except it isn't on tv and trudeau bans them from all news conferences

People help each others... this is the humanity

And now the hospitals are running around begging everyone for any equipment they can spare! Trudeau is out to destroy Canada as his boss Soros has told him to do!!!

According to my doctor, Hydroxychloroquine is now being hoarded. I’ve been taking it for years for severe rheumatoid arthritis and now can’t get my prescription refilled anywhere! Please help:)

Apparently India is no longer exporting the drug. Unlike they are thinking of their own citizen’s needs.

Laura, you are one of the unsung heroes in all of this! Thank you for staying on top of all the facts & the truth! Your show is great tonight! Having on the Surgeon General & the renowned infectious disease doctor who studied under Fauci gives so much credibility to your points!!

And extremely beautiful as well!! I might have crush on her!

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