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The forbearance and patience of the American people has been extraordinary--they've lost their basic civil liberties, jobs, income, opportunities, school, and family members. Every day that goes by in shutdown is a day closer to that patience wearing out.


The alternative is anarchy and rampant spread of disease. Your choice

Which also happens when millions are out of work and homeless. I'll take my chances with the virus.

What civil liberties have we lost? Stop the gloom, despair & agony number. We are AMERICA and we will survive this crisis.

Tell that to all the businesses that will never reopen because of this.

We wouldn't be having this pandemic if Republicans were fit to hold public office.

If left to the Democrats, we would already be under martial law. Hard pass, thank you very much. Besides, this started in China not the U.S. Place blame where it belongs. CCP and WHO

One million Chinese tourists landed at LAX in 2019. We also had an “early flu season”. Unless you believe China called us up the minute it claims it discovered this virus, it seems likely it has been in CA a lot longer than 2 months. Media also was consumed w Kobe tragedy.

We had a pretty bad flu season here in PA. Lot of coworkers very sick, kind of wondering myself. Wondering if it was here long before January.

Newsflash: The economy will not normalize until you figure out how to deal with the virus. You can open up everything. All that will do is increase spread, cause further death, and drive everyone back inside. There will be no normal until a workable healthcare plan is in place.

What are we going to do when it comes back in the fall? Are we gonna shut down again?

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