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He was just getting out of London so he could talk to people who aren't rich Remainers


Natch. And he can’t lose his job because he’s not one of those elitist experts neither.

By introducing coronavirus into his parents multi-barned house he was simply encouraging downsizing.

Aye pet, it were grand to see ya son. But I'm in intensive care now

Durham (= where I grew up) is still one of the few places in the “Labour heartlands) where people still refuse to vote Tory.

Only just though, laura pidcock lost her seat and kevan jones used to have a large majority. Nee more ye nah.

Difficult, really. If the UK wasn't in a pandemic and tens of thousands dead, with this c***bubble likely a key driver behind policy that lumped us with the worst death toll in Europe, I'd like him to stay. On the grounds that he will slowly but surely destroy this government.

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