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This is something world can learn from, the strategies and responses of the Canadian PM and other members, including the opposition leaders supporting him, saying "this is no time for politics" While on the other side US is a mess.


All that they disagreed on was a 18 month blank check out tax and spend with no over site to the goverment. He got 6 month with a monthly check.

Loved the article Andrew Cohen.

We had the exact same problem with the party on the left try to throw in unnecessary tax/spending legislation, and the party on the right not passing it and then coming to an agreement. The. Exact. Same. Thing.

Ummm. Not exactly. There are millions of Canadians who are getting no help at all from the government during this time

Our PM tried to censor the media by trying to pass a bill requiring media to have a government license, and tried to pass a bill to allow federal government to tax and spend citizens as much as they want without any resistance from opposition. The world can learn nothing from us.

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