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EXCLUSIVE: Boris Johnson’s top aide Dominic Cummings was investigated by police after breaking the Government’s own coronavirus lockdown rules.


Our exclusive with the Guardian - Dominic Cummings was spotted by witnesses at his parents’ home in Durham, more than 250 miles from his London property, days after No 10 said he was self-isolating with coronavirus symptoms.

We all know people who have lost loved ones to this devastating disease - and have been unable to hold them - or even see them - before they died. Or even to travel to their funeral. That is why this story will stick in the craw with so many.

Source says his trip was within guidelines as Cummings went to stay with his parents so they could help with childcare while he and his wife were ill - they insist no breach of lockdown

Too ill to look after his kids but not too ill to travel 250 miles 🤔

If Cummings does not resign or is not sacked, then Boris Johnson has no credibility is instructing the public over coronavirus. It's as simple as that. must go, one way or the other.

Its cute that you think Boris Johnson has credibility

Surely he should be stepping down, in the same way Ferguson did?

Relatively simple test for the Government then isn't it? If a scientist is expected to step down, what makes him special?

He must resign, as Neil Ferguson did. His position is untenable

Hr is party of this Tory deplorable government. Therefore his position is tenable, to them

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