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Wuhan’s reemergence will provide lessons for leaders across the world. But many across China fear that the political considerations that allowed the coronavirus to take hold in the first place could play out once again


There must be reasons why the USA and Europe are getting such high numbers of Covid-19. NYC alone has more deaths and positive cases than Wuhan, China!! I feel that something is off here that no one want to claim for.

Yep, one of the most important reasons is that many Chinese Doctors can't tell who died from the virus.

US leftwing media & Chinese regime. Aligned.

Watch a documentary on 1918 flu. It's not the flu but just watch on YT

We will still wear face masks and all people from Wuhan are tested in Wuhan and then in the city where they migrate to for work. Besides, all employers, small or big, take their employees’ temperature twice/day. Access to public places requires recording. Next mission, vaccine.

Yeah, it might sound brutal but it worked to reduce the # of infections.

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