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"This decision went beyond altruism into high negligence and incompetence because Canada did not, and does not, have surplus equipment to spare.”


It was all much better when Terry Glavin was just some old crank with nutty theories about outsized Chinese influence in Canada. I'd like to formally request that reality stop proving him right.

You believe this was the product of a Chinese influence operation?

I'm reluctant to criticize charity because we would want the help if the tables were turned. But if the only help we could offer had the effect of severely undermining our own preparedness, that's a problem.

By the end of January, it was clear to Canadian officials that was at least going to present a high risk to Canada. Did officials do an inventory of what was available here to meet any projected pandemic needs before they sent our gear off to China?

Naive arrogance that Canada would not be affected by the virus, coupled with complete disregard for the well being of Canadians. IOW, the exact opposite of why a government ought to be.

Awful lot of Chinese butt kissing in that article....and pretty light on facts.

This was after we were warned, and it was declared a global emergency. 🙃

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