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Thank you everyone for your incredible messages of support and encouragement.♥️ Many of you asked what it was like in the ER right now. I want to share a bit with you. Please RT: A Day in the Life of an ER Doc - A Brief Dispatch from the Frontline:


Everyone we see today was infected a week ago, or more. The numbers will undoubtedly skyrocket overnight, as they have every night the past few days. More will come to the ER. More will be stat notifications. More will be put on a ventilator.

We were too late to stop this virus. Full stop. But we can slow it's spread. The virus can't infect those it never meets. Stay inside. Social distancing is the only thing that will save us now. I don't care as much about the economic impact as I do about our ability to save lives

You might hear people saying it isn't real. It is. You might hear people saying it isn't bad. It is. You might hear people saying it can't take you down. It can. I survived Ebola. I fear . Do your part. Stay home. Stay safe. And every day I'll come to work for you

Thank you, doctor. You are on the front lines for us, and we’re forever in your debt.

Doctor, just took this picture tonight. This is so true. May we all be well thanks to you and everyone on the frontlines. Thank you 🙏🏽

Journalists go into war zones and show carnage. This is the same thing. It has to be done for the oblivious American people to GET IT.

Dear America, COVID is the real deal. Our healthcare system is getting crushed right now and it’s only gonna get worse. Please stay home while we work for you. I promise you will save lives. ♥️, An ER Doctor

Thank you for your services!! NYC is so grateful to you. A sign from my daughter.

Make and give away masks! Some cover is better than none, and if those not on the front lines make their own masks for daily use instead of buying, that leaves more N95 and surgical masks available for medical professionals.

My wife happens to be a master seamstress. Her brother, my brother and my daughter's boyfriend are all in critical healthcare roles. I'm sharing this with her. You are awesome!!!!

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