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Bravo! I would do the same if I were him. The current CPC members are focused on doing everything they can to attack others, in particular our P.M., and do not care about the welfare of Canadians. This includes MacKay and O'Toole.

Yeah but the Bloc Quebecois are concerned for Canadians.

The fact that there was an article written about this is laughable.

The CPC at this rate and for the next four years...are irrelevant

Good for him! The Bloc has been the least game-playing opposition party. They seem prepared to work for the good of Cdns & the Cons have not shown that at all. Blancet called them on their games &lies & cons don't like that. The Cons are the regional separatist party only for AB

Following in their de facto leader PMJT strategy, and trying to hide from the truth

Actually, I don’t believe Trudeau has blocked anyone.

Conservative MPs and staffers are frequently a hub of disinformation and insults. Just look at Alberta’s and their “issues manager.” Half the country is already , who is just cancer online. I don’t blame at all for cutting them off.

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