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What?! 16 tonnes of equipment that Canada’s hospitals now desperately need! What’s with this Trudeau government & China??


ZOMG!! Our PM actually has a heart. Something so foreign to the CONS, it's an actual scandal to them!!

China has sent life-saving medical supplies to Canada in the spirit of global cooperation👏👏, something that obviously neither nor nor the CPC has any idea about. China is sending us MORE than we sent to them.

, should maybe follow . He just tweeted that China is sending more supplies back to Canada than what we sent them. Pearson airport just tweeted 1st shipment arrived today.

OMG! Reacting to a serious health crisis in another part of the world in Feb. and hoping that your help will prevent it from spreading further, from coming to your country! The inhumanity of it all! You and the really need to grow up and look at the big picture.

Hey Denise, did you see the tweet from Evan. The country is waiting for you apology and an apology from every goon trying to gain political points during COVID-19 crisis!

This video (6 min.) is certainly worth a listen. Ottawa University professor in Medicine and Law explains why this decision was a huge mistake that is now putring our health workers' lives on the line.

On top of the human tragedy, there is another cost: we now have to pay to adapt existing manufacturing businesses' equipment in order to produce these materials we cannot procure otherwise. How much more will that cost? This gvmnt is a disaster in every sense of the word.

Breaking News: Canadian Senator succumbs to the scourge of tertiary syphilis and texts nonsensical gibberish.

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