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“That the profit motive has anything to do with any of this, while doctors and nurses – many of them with children at home – are literally risking their lives to fight this war for us, is disgusting.” War Profiteering in the Age of Corona...


“Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Doctors/Nurses left asking pretty please for protective gear & ventilators. ‘Stockpile is sold, not given to anyone.’ Profits over People-‘This is inhuman. It’s monstrous, and it’s up to the we the people to change it.”

It’s time for an uprising of consciousness... Williamson for President 2024.

Thank you for speaking the , . These past few days, my mother (she's a registered nurse) told me that one of her co-workers is tested positive of the coronavirus. I am worried that she and her co-workers will contract the coronavirus. 1/

Today, my mother told me that two patients died of the coronavirus. She is comforting the other patients and staying positive even though the stress is unbearable for her. I am comforting my mother at a distance (she is taking the extra precaution) right now. 2/

This is how it’s intended to work. Capatilism works by drawing value from devalued human bodies. This is why our government should be focused on people, rather than on capitalism.

It's time for a Repair America 3rd party. Democrats and Republicans won't help the people. Williamson for President in 2024.

I say for the resurrection of American democracy we do away with political parties altogether. Think about it- the ramifications; how that would look; how it would work out if.

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