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Even Adam Smith, main architect of free market capitalism, said it couldn’t exist outside an ethical context. He never foresaw capitalism untied to any govt regulation. Capitalism will reclaim an ethical & moral center or a younger generation of Americans will replace it entirely


FDR said “I’m not destroying capitalism. I’m saving it.” You can’t sustain a free market when it becomes unfree for the majority of people. You can’t be a capitalist when you have no access to capital! Too many Americans are locked out of the party; it’s immoral & unsustainable.

Our problem among other things is that there’s no force with major political leverage willing to question the fundamental premise on which the system operates. That used to be the Democratic Party and hopefully it will be again. Right now it’s only lone voices; that’s not enough

We have problems up here in Canada too. But for some reason, life seems to be much more simpler, even now during exceptional times!

Capitalism never had an ethical and moral center. It can't have that. The fundamental principle of capitalism is "get all you can, every man for himself, and to hell with the commons." Which, incidentally, is why 1/

the commons (including the ecosystem) is being destroyed. Competition and private property destroy empathy, hence all the wars and random shootings. And trade -- for labor, food, rent, whatever -- gives greater profit to 2/

The rich used to fear the mob. They forgot. It's time to remind them.

I don’t want to scare them, I want to get rid of them.

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