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“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever...” - Thomas Jefferson


“Any person, economic system, or political establishment that fails to concern itself with the pain of others is out of alignment with spiritual truth.” Marianne Williamson A Politics Of Love

My heart is with the people of Iran.

There has to be more context. I thought Jefferson believed in a prime mover, not an interventionist God? Which would be required to be a God that cares about justice.

Oh he’s Woke! It’s always darkest before the dawn. Things have got to change. We MUST use this as an Opportunity to usher that change in.

You can't stop hate and wars if you don't stand on a foundation of doing the right thing. The US missed a huge chance to take the moral high ground! Hate begets hate. How low have we sunk!! Where is real leadership??

Its the devil mrs. Not GOD

imf loans have been a plague on this Earth.

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