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Let this sink in: Canada's Minister of Health two months ago--when she and her Government were still sniffing at the idea of closing borders and Canada was importing coronavirus from around the world


And in your entire public service career, you never once rethought your position?

Canada’s Minister of Health has a degree in Graphic Design so what would you expect,, a barrel of monkeys are ruining Canada 🇨🇦 She could show you how to renovate an office for $1.1 million

I know about a hospital that could have used that $1.1 million.

One day earlier, on January 23... "Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam says the risk of a coronavirus outbreak in Canada remains low despite reports that some patients in Canada are being monitored for contamination."

It’s appalling that the Feds did not do a better job of managing the borders in relation to COVID-19. The steps they’ve recently should have started months ago.

Therein lies the essence of the issue....

Make them accountable for importing the virus, collapsing the economy and putting our lives at risk. Also ask them to fire Dr Tam for mismanaging the issue through identity politics vs protecting the Canadians health.

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