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...the Fake News Media into not covering them, but that effort failed because the ratings are through the roof according to, of all sources, the Failing New York Times, “Monday Night Football, Bachelor Finale” type numbers (& sadly, they get it ). Trump Derangement Syndrome!


I actually watch every single one of em, and I cant stop. It's like watching a car crash - only it's a 50 car pile up - and you're the guy that started it.

The only reason I watch is because I am waiting for to stroke out on during questions. There, I said it.

There are people dying every day. Could you stfu for just a few hours about your ratings and how great they are. How about honoring some who have died. If you need some names I have more than I ever wanted to know

Exactly! I'm beside myself reading this. Is he serious? Looking to our President to be more presidential in times like this. His ratings? Unbelievable. I agree with you, let's honor those who have passed on such a highly viewed platform.

I'm sure this is lost on Trump, but we wanted press briefings (not necessarily from him) to hear what is happening in the administration. What we did NOT want is 2 hours of bashing the hard-working journalists who are trying to keep Americans informed. Or the lies.

Sure the disinformation kills people: But. The. Ratings!

2,000 people died in US yesterday due to willful negligence of Trump Regime, their of inaction, but now President Trump is personally hosting a 2 hour variety show every night with "killer" ratings. So why is everyone so upset?!?

It’s a pandemic. Anyone remember Bush bragging about his TV ratings after 9/11 or Katrina? Me neither.

This is 25th amendment material.

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