Tweet post by @sencorygardner Cory Gardner

. has approved National Guard assistance in Colorado in response to , following the request of members of the Colorado congressional delegation. The will now able to be used by the for state COVID-19 response efforts.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Governor doesn't need the President's permission to activate his own state's National Guard.

You're correct But usually the states and the feds split the cost 80/20 With this special Presidential declaration the feds will cover 100 percent of the cost

Let's hope you and all other Republicans are gone after November.

From WHO site on 1/10. They are the ones who failed. NOT the president.

Explain to me why we need them with 5,429 possible cases and 1,079 hospitalizations and new daily cases dropping why we need them?

Exactly this!! Why and where do we need national guard?! I know many CO nurses not working bc no patients!

Gardner must go Vote blue for truth Vote red for more lies and deceit

When they are all holdovers from a previous administration it’s not unusual.

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