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Wasn't it a good plan to limit the growth of the pandemic close to the source as much as possible? Countries around the world always help each other in emergencies. Firefighters from other countries help ours fight wildfires, and our firefighters go abroad when needed, etc.

1. By February, it was reasonably expected that the virus would spread globally. Thinking that Canada would be spared is naively arrogant. 2. One does not donate away every last bit of an important resource of any kind, least of all one of a medical nature.

Secure your own mask before assisting other passengers. *Every PA system on every flight in the world.

Well, there isn't anything on that list that isn't being manufactured in Canada as we speak. Now if we had sent respirators or ventilators... And as the story says, China is beginning to send supplies to us. What goes round comes round, sometimes in a good way.

Could have at least got the two Michael's in exchange!!

Not from me. Hindsight is 20-20 as they say.

This is NOT a shock or a surprise to the informed Canadians. Justin knew darn well Canada needed these. Perhaps try digging deeper than what the bought and paid for MSM running Liberal love messages are feeding you folks! Wake up!

as they shuold ..what are we getting back now? 2 Michaels still in prison ..etc etc we teach China there is no ramifications for treating us like garbage

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