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Run? And miss out on awesome powers???

Listen to music frm 馃嚤馃嚚 "And I don鈥檛 think this the way we supposed to live, only thing certain is we supposed to die. Got a couple things that鈥檚 affecting me but I鈥檓 a man, they say niggas ain鈥檛 supposed to cry" Constant Shift out now!

That is called pneumanatic singila symbiotic group. Basically you normally see them that size but sometimes they join eachother to make bigger ones. They are very rare to find. They have been known to cover at least 2-3 making them go psycho, hear things, and get controlled.

If you have leisure, would you care to elaborate for me? I鈥檓 interested & couldn鈥檛 find additional information about it.

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