Nanti kalo alzam sudah besar & sukses, trus buna udah tua, gantian nuntun buna ya nak 😘😍❤️ #alzamseifakalanka

Another busy weekend. I'm exhausted. Amelia has to be friends with every cat she meets and loves to

#watchingtheworldgoby The only word I have to describe this is.. B•E•A•U•T•I•F•U•L . . . . . . . . . #catsofinstagram

Mix match on patterns but it works 💙🐘⛵️ also very happy because our favourite great grandad

이렇게 놀아주니 인기투표에서 매번 아빠가 이기지 ㅋㅋㅋ #내가지이현이어도아빠고를듯

It’s been long morning 😍 My dearest daughter, just watching you smile makes me realize how beautiful

Hello baby, why did you ‘chew’ my wrap? 😅🌈 . Wrap: @kalleighdesigns’s Stairway to Heaven . . . . . . . . #ZenithRyuu

Love this sweet thang. She is getting so big... too big! Slow down my last baby, slow it down. . . #mamaandbaby

Having used the big car over the past few days, nothing beats driving my “mini” orange car 🧡.

She is growing too fast .... smarter and cuter day by day ... we are so proud of you lil girl 😘 . . . . #anakpapamama

#storytime Olivia, loves a story. We read to her every night before bed, but lately she enjoys sitting

#messyplay on Saturdays we like to get messy with our paints especially when it's so glum outside! The

Mini moi ♥️. Pas de doute tu es un bélier 🐏 ; pas de doute tu es bien mon fils ! Je t’aime

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb Masyaallah tabarakallah finger painting 🎨 Semenjak 2 bln yg lalu dy bisa jalan

Makaaan muluu~ Pipi ku oh no!! 😶 #carolinewh #16monthsold

There is nothing like a Saturday lunchtime cocktail and dreamy lunch you haven't had to prepare yourself

扭蛋機第二回~~小朋友最叻扭完之後唔玩⋯yeah #momlife #hkmoms #hkbabygirl #kidsworld

My beautiful. Her cute little outfit from her aunty Sammy. #16monthsold #prettylittlegirl

Every Sunday. 9am ❤️ #16monthsold Thanks aunty @vanhaphuonguyen for the shirt!

Just hanging out where my parents officially started dating 3 years ago 🖤🌞 ⠀ #thelifeofatoddler

And just like that I’m 16 months. Mama is crying 😭 in the background. Mama weighed me last week

Cedar Janelle's first fish!!! A perfect summer day on the water. . . . Everyone notice Ceds' cute little

💕Out with grandad💕 💕Passeando com vovô💕 . . . . . . #henryoliver #handsomehenry #16monthsold

I got Lainey her first Cabbage Patch Doll today, and it is so incredibly nostalgic!!! Mine was always

This child of ours is just full of surprises 😂✨ . . . . #wildchild #weekend #saturday #boyswillbeboys

Anak bujang udh 4 kali ikut lomba, dari belum bisa jalan alhamdulillah udah bisa jalan semakin berani,

sosweet nya 2 bocah ini ya kannn?! hehe Nayyira & mas ganteng Sharga @owlsjatmika . belajar maem sendiri

おはよう😃 Blueberry hotcake morning! 소라짱이 좋아하는 핫케잌에 블루베리에 우유까지

Miss Nora Ann was making groceries. 🤣 I’m so glad she cooperated when I told her to put those bags

나는 이안이, 남펴니가 아인이를 전담하고 남펴니가 없는 시간에는 내가 두

Just splish splashing at the local water park...😏💦☀️

Morning walk with a view, iced latte, and pb+j on gluten free toast with my little bestie this morning.

Love this little boy to pieces! Just look at that precious smile! He makes even the most of mundane

Soft play on a Saturday afternoon,solo with 2 kids. Could of been hell but was actually lots of fun

First night without Mum and Dad. We’ll see how I do. So far, I’m misbehaving! #misbehaving #bluetheguidedog

Here is how our ocean experience went. It was spontaneous. He fell. Got sand in his eyes, was crying.

17.08.2018 vs 17.08.2019 4miesiące vs 16miesięcy Nasza Królewna jest z Nami już 16 miesięcy 😍

When does potty training begin? When is too early?? What are the best times to place your toddler on

I forgot to post but Elliot is officially 16 months old now!!! #16monthsold #icecreamsandwichesforever

Happy 16 months to this mischievous little boy. Jakub has fully embraced toddlerhood, where every activity

Sunsets & Evening Swims 🌅 ...just try and stop her getting in the sea 🙈😂 . #laraaurelia #ourbabygirl