comedycentral is reviving beavisandbuttheadmtv for a new generation. For those of us who have watched the show (even when our parents told us not to) what do you remember most about it.

Hall-of-Famer Dean Smith was head coach of the North Carolina Tar Heels from 1961-1997 and won 879 games, 2 national titles, 11 Final Four appearances, 17 ACC titles and 13 ACC Tournament championships.

Who else misses summer in the 90s comparing super soakers between friends? 💦

Rare photo of Right Said Fred hours before they shot the music video for Deeply Dippy.

SG Allan Houston, F Larry Johnson and PG Chris Childs on the court at Madison Square Garden for the 1996-97 New York Knicks.

North Carolina teammates Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison at the 1998 NBA Draft. The Raptors selected Jamison 4th overall and traded him to the Warriors who selected Carter 5th overall.

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