A baby goat minute. Muffin and I stopped to watch the baby goats playing at the Kinderboederij while out walking tonight.

If anyone says “We are not Amsterdam. We can’t do that. We are different” then show them this pic of Damrak, Amsterdam 1970s-2010s & say “Neither was !”. City transformation takes many things but above all it takes deliberate, committed leadership. Pic

Here's a stunning pectoral cross c.1480, it probably belonged to a German cleric. Later it was owned by 11 times mayor of Gerard Schaep, d.1666. On the basis of the engraved "Bernd Schaph", he mistakenly believed that he had an ancestor's cross.

7 April 1940 | A Dutch Jewish girl Kornelia Groenteman was born in to Katerina and Barend. Together with her family she was sent to . She was killed in on 28 July 1942. She was two years old.

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