A nice graphical illustration of advantages of sewer epidemiology (detecting the SARS-CoV2 virus in wastewater) from . Sewer samples show presence of the virus much before first hospitalization and then the orange line follows closely the hospitalization trend.

Sketched some buildings of , my most favourite place in the world! 馃槏

Just received the sweetest card from my friend Kees in . Isn鈥檛 it just so lovely to receive a handwritten note by mail?

This row of sturdy, rugged beauties is to hire at De Blauwe Duim, a volunteer-run non-profit tool hire place in . . Hire your tools + get it all home on a "bakfiets". Affordable, convenient, sustainable. Who needs a car anyway? .

Skull with Burning Cigarette oil on canvas 32 cm x 25 cm 1886 Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Vincent van Gogh

Amsterdam is looking and feeling lovely. What is your first place to visit?

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