🚨 will probe a US police assault on journalists outside the caught live on camera.

This. This should be Exhibit A for why no one in immigration detention should have their phones taken away from them. Phones expose the truth. Phones are lifelines. Phones give the world evidence of what really happens to refugees behind the wire.

Just doing there Jobs Channel Tim Myers was hit with a shield and punched in the face, while Amelia Brace was clubbed with a truncheon during a live cross.

Bless you. Trump has declared war on the American people. We are terrified. America has been captured by his white nationalists. He is shooting the media, including Australian media members. Trump has turned into Maduro, and we are Venezuela. The King has gone mad.

This year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have provided a video of support as a way of recognizing the contributions of our First Responders who often risk not only their physical health,but also their mental wellbeing.

The kids woke up with sore throats (probably from swimming at the beach...). So we visited the local pop-up testing clinic. We were tested quickly, kindly, & professionally. Very grateful for this excellent public service.

: Rugby may be on hold but the good memories are not. vs (2016) Try: πŸŽ₯: World Rugby Sevens

11 years I was planning to either go to America or Australia! I think I made the right decision!

Down by the Gibson Steps Clean and simple this one. Feel Free To Share hope you enjoy it!

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