Having fun using Qiqqa to handle all my research!!!! Help me out by signing up at my link:

New piece of kit for walking and general exercise including heart rate etc it’s amazing and so reasonable. Great build and very sturdy. Best Buy for ages. Does all the other bits like notifying of messages and you can take remote pictures from your phone with it too.

Huge thanks to the TTT team - aka Ffion, Ed, Glen, Tom for delivering tonights webinar 📺 and to the 300 people who joined us - thank you all 🙂 Tomorrow’s ‘Tea Time Teach’ will discuss ‘Acute Respiratory Distress’ ⤵️

Here are some amazing projects done by our 3rd graders prior to our unscheduled break. They were rocking creating Ecosystems!!!! #BLES#PWCS

My mentor is so great! Today we had a glass of wine while she reassured me that I won't be a terrible manager and reminded me of my humanity and how I am. Everyone should get a . I am in the market for a fundraising mentor too, any takers (I'm great btw)?

I was able to get outside today.. I found a empty piece of my street and rode bike for an hour on a small loop and saw no people or cars? ... and thank you for the shoes! ... back inside now!

From all of us to all of our students! As Bob Marley says, “Don’t Worry! ‘Cause every thing gonna be alright!”

A massive shout out to all our Doncaster schools and settings that have opened today during the Easter holiday... you are all

had a call from the president of a local bank finalizing plans for their banks particpation in PPP. Wants my advice on how they should do it and what documentation they should require. Refreshing and !

Jobike is an on demand bike sharing service which gives everyone the opportunity to make short trips easily within the coverage area. 🚲

Thank you once again for staying on top of all this your 🇺🇸🙏

Trying to solve a leverage problem with more leverage? > Carnival Corp increases size of bond offering to $4B (from $3B); coupon cut to ~12% -- Bloomberg

Over the last week Jon, a postman, has been spotted making his way across Sunderland dressed as a cheerleader, Little Bo Peep and a Gladiator. To make them smile in lockdown 😍🥰♥️♥️♥️.

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