Honoured to join Premier in announcing this year’s Multiculturalism & Anti-Racism Awards virtually! Thrilled to celebrate the individuals and organizations whose work strengthens and promotes multiculturalism and addressed racism in our communities.

While we watch how others manage their pandemic response, the lead to follow right now is our own. In we continue to look to each other—& count on each other— for the leadership that has brought us together, and taken us so far. So let's stay 100% committed. 100% all-in.

The map for southern BC right now. Let's try and keep it this way, ok?

Today a written statement with the latest update on 's response will be posted after 3 pm. Tomorrow, Dr. Bonnie Henry and I will have our regular media and public briefing at 3 pm.

While providing British Columbians an update with today, Dr. Bonnie Henry recognized and thanked across the province.

Stories about declining species have become all too common. But what about when an animal comes back from the brink?

The is excited to welcome Mr. Robert Stacey Paul Johnson in his role as the Central Coast Zone Coordinator based out of Bella Bella . In this role, Robert works closely with crews addressing operational needs and coordinates marine training. Welcome aboard Robert!

In , we sacrificed the economy to prevent the healthcare system from being "overwhelmed" - we never had more than 72 ppl in ICU, and we got endless TikTok dance videos from bored hospital staff... we are led by fools.

We are proud to be part of this group in taking a stand and making a statement against the rise in the recent racist attacks in . Read the full statement released by .

Most teachers I talk to are not sending their kids back to school in June what does that tell ya?

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