I think took this billboard a bit too literally. Looks like it may be a permanent vacay.

Ryan making sure our first responders are breathing safe air when out on calls by doing air quality testing. Thank you for all you do. . . .

looking for things to do in these hard time? We got ya! plenty of inline skates in stock! check out we are open online . In-store pickups available

Steve Sigmund of ECA Philadelphia and Mike Shannon of watching a Drilling Ring doing what it does best.

Interesting... On the week closes in NZ I get an unexplained charge on my credit card from their subscription people ? It’s a good job I’m not cynical...

Both Canada and the US are realizing belatedly that it could be important to have domestic sourcing and production (wherever possible) for items of national health and security .

That means the Cabal/Khazarian mob in chief is getting nervous!!! * go back to your kanton!

The boredom threshold has dictated that it’s time to finally fit the colour co-ordinated bushings to the Bauer’s. Then Boris-sanctioned exercise is going to involve skating the empty streets. Think I might put them on at the bottom of the hill though

The new music video for our track "Perfect Ghost" is available to view now via - - The track is also available to download over at -

I'm sure any worth saving will have potential buyers and continue independently. If not, they were doomed to fail regardless of Covid-19.

Not that I particular care for 's magazines, but my Gran will be gutted she no longer gets North and South. It does amuse me that thinks throwing pennies at a dying industry will save it.

are betraying New Zealand. NZ Listener, NZ Woman's Weekly: CENTURIES of New Zealand culture

when a company is selling and the seller pulls out - they should not blame the virus

Some of New Zealand's most loved publications are on the chopping block. In the I wonder who will pick these platforms up? I hope some of them are not lost forever

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