. says the ’ likely suspension or abolishment of ’s zero tariff status & other sanctions are a “tragic but necessary step”, saying it’s who “sold out HKers” with the . calls on BJ to stop implementing the law

The Chinese Communist Party has worked to undermine ’s autonomy for years. 's certification confirmed what we already knew: Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from the PRC. We cannot let profit from breaking int'l agreements.

has violated its promise to the people of giving us no choice but to change our policy. This is a sad day for freedom-loving peoples everywhere.

recently launched a public event promoting exposition, intangible cultural heritage & tourism. Residents can get a free map at time-honoured shops in Qianmen area & visit 42 cultural destinations featured on the map. Be sure to experience Qianmen and all it has to offer!

suddenly charged at 3 high schoolers that walked home from school, in merely school uniforms & bags. But they're unlawfully arrested. Under , arbitrary arrests won't be improved, only worsen. Abuse of power is inevitable, especially by

Insane! Even citizens with disabilities are subject to . Is this the "small group of people" that 's new targets?

2/ When insists on ignoring international responses and breaching international norms and rules, it is time for China to face the grave consequences and international backlashes for its irresponsible act of scraping an UN-filed Joint Declaration.

The more perceives the international community to be divided, discombobulated, clueless, silent, or merely blustering in coming days, the worse its actions in will be... The more vigilant the world remains, the safer Hong Kong will be.

2/ The latest development by shows, plans to impose a -led court in that blocks all foreign judges. Beyond any doubt, all these new measures will undermine HK’s judicial independence and its role as the only common law jurisdiction on China’s soul.

I have never seen amazing bookstores like this in the US. China values education and it shows.

BREAKING: a 3.6 magnitude just struck about 18 minutes ago. Source: China Earthquake Networks Center

I signed the letter together with 226 parliamentarians from 25 countries who support and express their solidarity with it’s people. We are concerned about the unilateral introduction of national security legislation by in .

Pictures below show a gable and hip roof in , common in traditional Chinese architecture. In ancient China, gable and hip roofs could only be used in the main halls of residences of important officials. There are gable and hip roofs with a single eave and multiple eaves.

In January, claimed is not tightening its grip. 5months later, said it is not bound by Basic Law. Now a & -headed are imposed on . This time she says it won't affect foreign investors. Do you trust her?

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of today, defying their government and the rulers in , to fight for the freedom and self-governance of their city

Don’t adjust your set! TV screens going to black across mainland every time we even mention the new national security legislation covering . The bill introduced today at the opening of the NationalPeople’sCongress in is 100% guaranteed to pass.

A Hong Kong national security bill now widely reported to be on NPC’s agenda And to be approved next Thursday Putting under the ruling of separatism, terror, ‘colluding with foreign forces’, etc

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