We continue to open doors for our clients : Igor Juricic, coach from Croatia moves from to ! Igor won French cup 2 years ago. He now signs in legendary club that has 3 CL and 8 Russian titles! Off to new challenges !

Р.С.Ф.С.Р☭ Continuing their lightning push along the southern front, the Red Army has successfully freed from Imperialist control. Joyous citizens welcome the Soviet forces liberation.

Terrifying moment wall collapses as gas shakes building in region,

Drunk driver leaps over roundabout and flips the vehicle in . Luckily, no injuries.

This year, after 27 years, completed building the largest in the world. It is called and it is 184 meters in length and it can submerge to the depth of 500 meters. It is now traversing the seas in long-term trials.

The Losharik was made for deep ocean exploration BUT was also made to fit on the belly of Russia’s newest submarine named the . The Belgorod is one of the largest subs ever made. It would carry the Losharik on its belly and was also armed with nuclear torpedoes 65ft long

184mtrs long ,18.2mtrs wide with an estimated full load displacement of ~30,000T . enters the waters . The largest built in the 21st century.

Aft end of the special-missions KC139 during its launch on Tues 23 April. The Project 09852 vessel is modified from an incomplete Project 949B Oscar II hull.

Tomorrow 5th April: new submarine will be one of the largest submarines in the world, truly massive. Second only to the TYPHOON. Today is a good day to reflect on what we know so far.

VIDEO: tune played during Russian mayor’s inauguration in

: Military column in Valuyki, Oblast, 14 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

Khokhlovskaya Square , Vezelka Embankment or Hussein Bin Talal Park ? Support with a vote for Building of the Year (Category: Public Architecture, Location: Russia)

In , , & in today there were of several hundred protesters each against local grievances. Many Russians are dissatisfied with poor economic & social policies & deteriorating living conditions:

20180821 @ (50.391782,38.339407) gamma-s1 identification is very tentative 335 radioeng regt, m/u 18401 cc

wants you to focus on this area north of the sea. I would strongly urge to look further north from to for Russian movement.

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