Indigenous corona in . Amazon jungles may have viruses of all kind. Now Wuhan wild animal market is open, as per reports. It’s best all wild animals and wild plants used for food are left to themselves.

Calm down, . Your are on their way! shipped *11.6 mmt* in March, a fresh new record for the month and the second best month (of all months) ever.

A chill out photo to start the day, from the far north of in state. I’ll be posting relaxing pics I’ve taken from my travels. What else to do, right?

: Dithygater seabrai (Apidae). In the second picture, you can see the last few flagellomeres are very elongated and flattened - true only for the males of this species. These bees are found in .

is one of the most affected countries in the region, with more than 5,717 confirmed cases throughout the country. International solidarity! ✊🏾

A great initiative by a team that came together to create a public monitoring platform for in . Visit for more on what they are doing.

This wonderful Anhinga posed above our boat in The Pantanal Aren’t birds brilliant!

A woodcut of a seen off the coast of Northeastern and published in 1633 under the name Pira Vtoewah, forma monstrosa. Artist unknown.

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Fan girl from 🔥 .... Craze antea YouTube lo likes voice ku vachea comments kadura NTR fans.

Today Twitter deleted 2 of Bolsonaro's posts for violating their policy against spread of false information regarding the . In the posts, the president of was campaigning in a popular market against the social isolation and spreading false info about a medicine.

Our thoughts are with everyone in . Even if your president doesn't take the crisis seriously - for whatever crazy reason (maybe sticking to his buddy 's initial downplaying of the virus) - take your own precautions. Stay at home, stay safe.

GRAPHICAL ALERT -19 in Brazil! The government isn’t reporting the deaths! Dead corpses lining up the corridors - freezers etc.

I do not like where is heading with our crappy "president" on the handling. Please, stop this psycho.

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