Our responsible citizens. They refused to went n threathen that they will spread the virus. If this kind of behaviour is did by peple what could our govt do. Instead of helping the official they broke the law. Dear behave like a mature person.

So am I and I agree. Great country; disastrous government and deplorable reaction by and many to

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NDTV talks for not for It has guts to criticize the policies any Ruling party and it's leader , be it Congress, BJP ...!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Jillian Wuestenberg and Eric Wuestenberg will never be able to own a gun again,with a felony charge.... 🙂

🔴The doesn't belong to globalists, ✅The future belongs to ! The future to &independent nations who their , ✅ their neighbors,& the differences that make each country special & .

700 Messi goals that's why he's best there's only one goat

#10: 8000 are killed every hour. The word means to cut of living . Help us to stop this terrible act and support our : You can change something! Photo: Sea Sheppard

At least history will record that the stood up - agitated against and the covered the at great personal risk. In many countries you dont even see that.

... placating us with platitudes all the while calculating. I see you and you are self interested in preserving a spot at the table. Be careful who you inlist There are interests that align tangentially only. They don't support in remotely the same manner....

They are aggressive and abusive. They think they, "own" America. Their rights supersedes those of the .

Bjp supporters are you a FOOL or acting like a FOOl? Withdrawing your own money you gotta pay 5% tax . That to cumulative!!! Don't know what to do!!! .

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