I mean I did eat baby food before and the baby apple juice is bomb. I think this for like the girl who licked the toilet seat and dats on gang

Something that's is people's use of the word

Someone was playing Trolls sooooo guess what my silly sister did, she blasted loud in this drive through lmaoooo 😅

Petition to stop anime avatars from using the words and in every other tweet they post.

Blocked me, so weird, randommess is not real, chasers, argue with me please.

Something needs to be done and examined about situations like it isn’t fair AT ALL. Underage people have been lying about their age to do shit since the dawn of time, especially if it involves . It decays a child’s sense of right and wrong to victimize them for lying

... Inspiration from the paint at your skatepark for CloutoftheSouth

I think twitters America needs me or something.

Getting BadLuck lately ❤ •________________________________• •Youtube ~ Kxlfz •Insta ~ Kxlfz •Twitch ~ Kxlfz •Twitter ~ Kxlfz_ • •  

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