Door to door health screening is going on in Ganjam District from today. Sub-Collector, Chatrapur monitoring the activity in Khallikote and Beguniapada Block.

Emily Maitlis - “You don’t survive thro fortitude & strength of character, whatever the PM’s colleagues tell us. This is a health issue with huge ramifications for social welfare & it’s a welfare issue with huge ramifications for health.” 👏

Sad & shocked, that majority of infected & deaths in USA, are Afro-Americans - most of whom also have essential jobs like bus-driver, cleaner etc. Healthcare for all, employed or not, in a country of billionaires, should not remain impossible.😧

Signatories to ’s Principles for are taking steps to support their clients and customers in response to . Have a look at how founding signatory, is taking action. 

Basically the Trump administration's attempt to undermine is because of their refusal to sign off Africans as guinea pigs for vaccines and because the head of WHO is black.

It is very important to wear a mask every time you step out... to prevent the spread of ...I support for movement & here's my picture wearing my handmade mask. Let's keep the N95 respirators & surgical masks for our healthcare workers ❤

So won’t be taking a holiday this Easter long weekend. But it had a weekend off when wanted to go watch his play round 1 and delayed stopping mass gatherings.

Time to be innovative. GOI & State Govt, must introduce Mobile ATM Vans, Mobile Milk Booths. It’s time for reaching out to the People of Concerns and Beneficiaries. for Hunger Mapping. GOI may want to emulate good practices

All staff, patients and visitors should use PPE when there will be contact with patients, bodily fluids or respiratory secretions

PPE must be removed slowly and deliberately in a sequence that prevents self-contamination. A step-by-step process should be developed and used during training and patient care

⚠️ONE FISH 🐠 SCIENTIST SAVES A WHOLE DAMN ISLAND! So there is this guy - Debes Christiansen - a salmon 🦠veterinarian. He hears & adapts his 🧪test for in a day. Lone scientist tests+traces 10%pop! No more 🦠. Saves Faroe Islands. Hero.

⁩ Lack of abs doesn’t signify absence of immunity. A cellular response may have been particularly strong in this group. Evidence of specific memory T-cells needed before jumping to conclusions. ⁦

Nice timing in the running for a Grammy award for best album title describing the 2020 state of affairs in 3 words or less

patients will develop antibodies at 39days in one published study but we dunno how long it will lost or how protective it will be .... how reliable it is 🤔

is a disease which means it will cease one day,phobia to this disease should not be.Let's seek&trust God to him all things are possible,have comfort.

We need flocked nasopharyngeal swabs and viral transport media. There is a global shortage. Without these supplies, we cannot collect specimens to do RT-PCRs even if we have the kits. If local industry has the capability to make these or import them, please let DOH know.

So how are we progressing with a stand alone reset for Australia? Obvious the archaic playbook doesn’t work. Huge opportunity for new thinking & new changes exists now! shows we have to get back to self sufficiency..

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