At the same time we were bringing Canadians home from China & forcing them into quarantine, about 70 passengers a week were coming in from Hubei. It was suggested they self-isolate. Feds docs are revealing. Read & RT

If it weren't for the Premiers, this pandemic would be at European/US crisis levels.

"lack of demographic data is indicative of a common but misguided idea that Canadians and Canadian society are “colourblind” – blind to race and therefore not racist."

Federal government workers have processed 2.38 million EI claims out of 2.72 million filed since March 16. Not bad for a workforce routinely denigrated by the very same politicians who routinely use EI money and benefits as a political slush fund.

Given all the unwarranted criticism, I think it important to acknowledge the great work Dr. Theresa Tam has done through this crisis. Thank you for the calm, measured guidance you’ve provided throughout this unprecedented crisis.

Moment of levity during a press conference. Trudeau, re: non-medical masks, with a laugh: "It prevents you from speaking moistly on people — what a terrible image."

So now they’ve blocked off river parking lots — which is too bad. I can tell you at Deschennes, where I walk almost every day, that ‘the car people’ almost never get out of their cars but come for the view from their car. They were not ‘congregating’ here

Before and after these mouthy hags will still have useless opinions that will continue to air. Amazed they have opinions on everything & yet no one else should bully anyone. All they do is BULLY with their traps.

I could not agree more. What a bunch of horseradish. Canada is so lucky to have her leadership. !

Ahmadiyya muslim youth association campaign. If you or your loved one needs assistance with grocery or prescription refills our volunteers are willing and happy to help out. Please contact us. You are not alone we are here to help

Applying for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit through the website was so easy I was convinced I’d done something wrong.

Germany, a country about as affluent as Canada, has 4x as many hospital beds, more health-care workers and much more lab capacity. Those are choices they've made. Worth a post- discussion about whether those are also choices we want to make.

American hedge fund newsletter attacks Canada. Nothing new there.

As people’s anxiety rises over 3M issue, let’s remember 2 weeks ago Liberals rallied some 3000 Canadian companies to retool and create our own PPE! I’m betting on Canadian ingenuity filling the potential 3M void and getting it done! 🇨🇦

Donald Trump has ordered 3M to "stop selling N95 respirators to Canada". I've known for years now how horrible of a person Trump is, but I hope the Trump-supporting-Canadians now see him for the con-man behind the curtain that he is.

Am I the only one who pays more attention to the sign language interpreters than the politicians during these live pressers? It’s fascinating and so expressive.

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