Do not be a - do not put yourself at risk or your family at risk. This is not the time to congregate with friends.

I'm utterly furious. EVERY SINGLE person in his cabinet will be forever disgraced for their complicity. Nuremberg trial-type courts are needed. He is a malevolent criminal. We have no head of the country. Astonished by what he is putting our nation thru.

OK. I’ve had enough of these reporters. If you are going to ask a question, make it count. “Mr. President, if forced to choose between the stock market falling and people dying, which do you choose? “ And then each reporter repeats the same question until he answers.

THE APPRENTICE: “The Governors” In this episode you’ll be competing for ventilators. It’s, sadly, not all that far from the truth.

The in chief issued a cease and desist for this ad so please do your part and share it as widely as humanly possible.

This is a real quote. "All my friends are saying you know – this is not a priority, people are dying and I realize that – but they can't get their nails done..."

Donald Trump is not simply stupid. His idiocy is a complex system of ignorance, narcissism, and xenophobia, wrapped in a web of insecurity and covered by a thick layer of self-loathing, afloat in a spiraling, ever-widening miasma of dumb.

Good Morning Tweeps! The in Chief is suing to prevent this Exponential Threat ad from showing on the airwaves. Make sure to spread it far and wide So trumplethinskin can't hide From his own exponential mistakes. IT IS THE TRUTH.

Trump is taking legal action to block this ad so please don’t retweet. It would make him too upset

I've never asked for retweets before but I'd like one or two this time.

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