I've lived and worked in many places, but until 2018, I hadn't visited . As I drove closer to the border, I imagined "Welcome to Canada" plastered across multiple immigration booths, the maple leaf waving expansively, and Tim Horton's greeting me on the other side. Nope.

CASE PROCESSING CENTRES An office in Canada that handles citizenship and immigration applications. They are not open to the public. There are CPCs in: Sydney, Nova Scotia; Mississauga, Ontario; Vegreville, Alberta; and Ottawa, Ontario.

As a Canadian I'm feeling a bit grumpy about the US right now. Seriously, US are you even a country anymore? Seems like you're descending into dis-unified States.

will not forget Andrew Scheer trying to block a bill that will benefit all Canadians including businesses in the time of crisis this American Prick is playing politics with your lives just so he and his master can appear like they are still relevant. Puppet

Unbelievable, selfish, evil, irresponsible, inhumane.... Someone should remind that took in hundreds of Americans for days when US airspace was closed during 9/11 (Musical ). He is the worst human being. Worst governor.

I have more MRI in my own practice than entire provinces in The premiere of Newfoundland came to Miami to get his heart surgery because it wasn鈥檛 offered in Canada Either you don鈥檛 know any better or you鈥檙e lying

I am seeing too many people outside walking/jogging within proximity as if there is no global pandemic. I think the Canadian gov should go a step further and invoke a lockdown because clearly people are not taking this seriously

Dear idiots! Stop leaving your latex gloves littered outside grocery store parking lots! Why are people just so gross?

If you are and now making your own coffee you need to start using a lot more cream. All coffee drinking households need to consume three containers of 18% per week while we

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