It was nice to see Dr. Jason Kenney鈥檚 presentation today but I think I鈥檇 prefer to hear it from a medical professional like Dr. Hinshaw...or at the very least someone who is not completely full of shit.

Just a little guy, but put up a good fight. Kick his ass, smallmouth bass.

Today, we launch the to raise $840K for the food bank system. It鈥檚 ambitious but very needed! Each RT of this post I will match $1, up to $10k. + , thanks for the inspiration - are you with us? 馃嚚馃嚘

, I am coming to you again to ask for help. 16% of Canadians are food insecure. They are not sure where they will get their next meal and rely on the food bank. It is a critical lifeline for thousands. Let鈥檚 make sure it is ready and able to help those who need it. (1)

I know everyone feels like crap right now so here is a REMIX of Justin Trudeau saying "Speaking Moistly"

There's nothing "moderate" about the bonehead who can't decide which is more important: life or oil. Yes, that's a real thing here in , people.

Hopefully people take this recognition into the post era. We have the best public servants in the world in 馃嚚馃嚘. They're priceless in a crisis, but they're invaluable every day.

My daughter's applied for the at 7am this morning, and the money was already in her account 15 mins later. Thank you thank you

I don't know who needs to hear this, , but having one Indigenous ancestor in 1750 doesn't make you M茅tis

Gen. : "It is high time we criminalized the act of denying the Genocide against the Tutsi in . The Government of should use it's power to weigh on this matter. Denying what happened in in 1994 is a perversion of History."

Very strange events occur on the moon, how this captured by an amateur from on 03/26/2020. By: Jean-Michel Tenac

The Prime Minister of has just warned us against 'speaking moistly' on others. I heard it with mah own two ears. And I'm pretty sure that is gonna break the internet today Wash your hands. Stay home. Don't be racist Above all - avoid

It would be fiscally irresponsible for the to enact any form of new . This was true before , and is more true now.

Hey do you support bailout for media organizations?

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