In the news: Protests defy coronavirus guidelines, but health experts say engagement is 'essential.' Here's how ...

Turning out to be a real life hero and helped migrant workers to return their home. Felling proud for your arrangement of free travel through more buses in your initiative "Ghar Bhejo" We salute your spirit, Sir 馃憦馃憦

So once again have; NOTHING To help with or But as always Turn 2 A Leader Then wave arms Stomp feet And demand someone besides yourselves or Get Blamed. R U retiring in June w ?

If is real in NYC, the wants blacks to die, just like the old people who DeBlasio cornered and killed with coronavirus people Bill sent to old folks homes. is a of people, a true racist

6 police offers shot, riots, looting, millions in damages, spreading the , professional protesters and criminals...THIS is the legacy of ? You lost me...ZERO RESPECT. Talk about this ...oh wait, doesn鈥檛 fit the narrative.

Test all frontline care workers for - Sign the Petition! via

The Coronavirus Lockdowns No Longer Seem to Exist Thanks to Riot Virtue Signaling via

aka: Be Black "TRANSITION TO BIDEN" I have chosen your next President Offered you great tax hikes Have done Nothing But waste your taxes for 4+ years Except & Thanks 4 the Paycheck

URGENT Hey guys, Can you please share this? My friends father is in very critical condition. 03345807282 03336733688 Hospital: Rawal institute of urology

Tuning into this afternoon's session with , sharing new data research on museum goers and the pandemic.

is just the tip of an ice berg. In coming near future china would be solely responsible for its own breakdown both geographically and politically. We have messed up a lot with and its giving us back what we deserve.

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