Gas leak, avoid area Forest fire, avoid area Flooding, avoid area Deadly pandemic with 2100+ deaths in sorry we can't tell you which area to avoid.

Tax transnational companies & those offshoring to taxhavens! Ottawa lacks financial capacity to withstand another economic lockdown, must look to rein in spending: CD Howe report

Don't you just hate the "System" and specially when you are the system who failed, ignored, neglected and abused it for decades.

27 May 2020 projection of Covid-19(Canada) using confirmed cases up to yesterday ▪️horizontal axis is the sequential day number starting with day 1 on 1st J ▪️solid line is forecast ▪️○ are cases ▪️⭕️ are cases used to predict Not always hit the mark. FYI

This café in Alberta has transformed into a drive-in movie theatre to bring people together during these tough times 😍-📸 The Whistle Stop Cafe

These people from Vancouver have been quarantining for so long that they forgot how to BBQ 😂-📹 u/YN90

nice weather doesn't mean covid_19 is over. Stay home Stay safe

The country needs in person representation in Parliament. The virtual meetings are a disgrace. The rest is deflection. Call the MP's on this nonsense.

Time to tell politicians and media to piss off. Let the fearful people and government employees stay home. And Tory, raise your taxes in Toronto to pay for your services. If governments bail you out, why the hell should they not bail out very other region.

Canadian lives are precious & priceless. This government should be held accountable for their miserable failure to Canadians in every single aspect of the

This is beyond belief, YOU are Canada's top medical authority. YOU are the one who should have dictated to close the border, stop international flights, to wear masks. YOU Dr. Tam are the authority responsible. Let the blame game and self justification begin.

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