cases per million for all Canadian Provinces, US states and some other relevant regions. (both linear and log scales)

As with , the leadership of the continue to impress me . They're about getting Canadians through this crisis The continue their partisan attack with nothing of value to contribute

I cannot believe the horror stories I鈥檓 hearing from friends who work retail. Customers slapping them, shoving them and spitting on them. Yes people are scared + stressed but gratitude is the only thing we should be showing grocery and retail workers.

I was on a press call today where a provincial official noted that they had cut their own hair, and made an open apology to their hair dresser. This is the type of content we need during press calls.

1) wasn't wrong when he said masks prevent people from at each other. 2) At least now all the idiots will be getting the message by sharing their stupid memes and hashtags. Win win.

Just checking in. How's everyone doing in ? All I can do is encourage you to keep it up, to set a routine with plenty of water, rest and do some daily physical exercise. Let's do ot right this time so we don't have to do it again!

Why are we still excluding ppl that quit their jobs?????? I'm losing my mind here. WE ALL NEED HELP!!!!

Absolutely. Cause Taiwan is excluded from WHO participation. Taiwan also apparently has one of best health systems in world. Coincidence? I think not...we would have been much better off following Taiwan than WHO through this pandemic.

You think social distancing problem now? Wait till 25C in May. We are a cooped up, winter people.

It doesn鈥檛 get more Canadian than poutine being served by a hockey stick 馃崯馃槀- 馃摴 rebookajones

Can we all agree for the next pandemic that hair stylists be an essential service??

what about the people who can't work now that didn't earn 5k in the past 12 months and don't qualify for EI. Was just starting to get back into the work force and now I'm at risk of homelessness.

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