Kind of amazing to think that is quickly becoming the second-worst botched response by this year.

At this time of , take a moment and recall that parents of under 5s are especially careful with making sure your fridge is clean. Find out more at .

I know you are struggling for the , I get it I’m trying to get as many babies as I possibly can. Gonna pay first 20 to retweet and like,If you have PayPal and cashapp.

URGENT Hey guys, Can you please share this? My friends father is in very critical condition. 03345807282 03336733688 Hospital: Rawal institute of urology

Will our Hon'ble or take the responsibility for the Lives of Student who will appear in Examinations?

On Thursday, 10 AM onwards, Watch Shri Ji in conversation with Rajiv Bajaj on the Crisis & much more ! Here's a sneak preview. 👇

All, if you wish to follow a professor who has no political agenda and will give you facts about and will tell you how it is, then I suggest this gentleman. We all should have one in our back pocket!

Me and most of the IPU students live in gurgaon . Metro and other transportation services are closed due to and Gurgaon to Delhi border is sealed. How do they expect students to reach examination center. Think about it :

have exposed capitalism as a very poor economic system, no country in the world could feed it’s citizens for 3 months and we have being shouting that we have built resilient economies, can we revisit communism?

We are ruled by morons, idiots and traitors...who either cannot understand the disaster they are causing or not willing to act because they have an agenda.... This guy speaks pure common sense....!

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