Have people not learned that they shouldn’t live in LA because of *checks notes* every kind of disaster ever?

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His daughter just standing there while all hell is breaking loose.

We continue to find movies where the boyfriends are the worst. Find yourself a Tommy Lee- committed to protecting his daughter and his community.

Lava: it’s over Stan I have the high ground. Stan: you underestimate my power Lava: Don’t try it! Stan:

And in other news: Here is a picture of me and my husband in Iceland on our honeymoon

So, this one time, in Iceland, they fixed this same problem by hardening lava with cold seawater, directing the lava away from important infrastructure

when they think they can “stop” a volcano

can you imagine what the people sleeping through this across town will think after they wake up

And I ain't just talking about the natural kind

“Disaster is my life” is definitely a line we’ve heard Professor Titera say a time or two

As we learned in San Andreas, doorways are not the answer!

Did he just ask what is a geological event ?

Tommy Lee Jones and I have the same understand of geology: we don’t.

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