Really interesting afternoon recording our second episode of with and Linda Barron discussing for End of Life .

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I've let go of things that I cannot change and make me sad. I am clinging tight to the ones that I hold dear. My heart is full and my life is happy. Blessed!! . . CC . .

During Lockdown I gave my 16 year old son a project to do - deliver a new version of the HeyStephenHey 'Lego' logo in a different graphic style every day - he excelled himself the other day by creating this masterpiece

Norway is building this spectacular whale tail-shaped building in the Arctic Circle.

Mermaid necklace beach ocean sea necklace mermaid Mermaid's tears sea sand pendant necklace free ship

My combination of "Sky" and "Hollow Knight" game designs. I like the atmosphere of these two games and they are my favorite.❤️

This period got me trying to cook different dishes. Out of that I thought about this concept. Imagine being able to wave your phone over/take a picture of groceries in your kitchen and your phone finding different recepies for you.

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The Design profession has been complicit in the dehumanization of Black people. is a Black-led organizing effort in solidarity with to marshall design strategies to dismantle privilege & powers structures that use as a tool of oppression.

Futuristic car classic - A 1938 Phantom Corsair via HWarlow

The 1938 -based by Rust of fame Only 1 made as Heinz died in 1938 at the end of the era his epitomises

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