Started another diamond painting tonight. This one has so many similar colours to it it's like confetti putting them together. Itll take me awhile to do this one for sure.

Finished my second diamond painting 😍 just chugged a litre of chocolate milk lol now I'm just gonna game and watch another of my fave animes, Vampire Knight 🖤 -

My husband got me a whole ass setup. 😍 was supposed to be for my birthday, but it came earlier than expected

10,285 diamonds later and it's complete next one to start on my next day off is the Cheshire cat 😁

So I got a new toy...... it’s a light that I can put behind the diamond paintings and can see the icons clearly!!! Omg, so glad I got this sucker!!! Oh and it has it’s own stand that adjusts!!!

Finished the first row of my first and it’s so pretty 🥺😍

Another finished!! Time for the next one!!! Still waiting on a bunch of orders to get here!!

Open for BIDS! 💖 If you would like to own this completed and SIGNED Diamond Painting by me, I will take silent, non-committal bids to [email protected] Put "Butterfly" in the Subject line.

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