Day 1 of and I drew aka Sukimeki! She's a really big inspiration to me and I love all her works! Thank you for being amazing

Potatonachii!!! Another redraw of something i did uhhhh... long tine ago i guess.

Idk what’s happening in this screenshot but I redrew it anyways- - -

Alright, now that I have more time I'm gonna try to start drawing more :3 Anyways... here's a light steampunk boi 🧡

hi, my name is rain! so my very first attempt of digital drawing is really hard since i'm more into graphite but i loved the challenge and i fell in love with it 🥰 these two are me (◍•ᴗ•◍)

A 3D paint over I designed back when I used to play PUBG, was a good experiment at the time!

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